What does it mean to love the 603?

We at First Assembly of God love the state in which we live, the community in which we are involved, and the people that live around us. Simply put, "We Love the 603!" We know that we can never do enough to show people that love. Whether it be through action, finances, or community presence, we strive to give back to the community, state, and people we love. We believe that it is important to give of our time. People like you have given countless hours over the last year alone to work with various people and organizations. 

Over the last year, we contributed over $60,000 to help various people and organizations in our state from the homeless to foster children to centers against drug addiction. This coming year we would like to do even more!

We believe that it is vital to invest who you are in the community in which you live. Some of the work, we do on our own, and some of it we partner with other organizations to accomplish. Below is a list and description of some of the places in which we give back. Click the button below to find out how you can Love the 603!

partner organizations

We partner with organizations that vary from helping the homeless to foster children to drug addicts.  If you would be interested in working with one of these organizations, please let us know. We can connect you with them or get you more information. Also, we are always looking for new organizations with whom to partner. If you have any suggestions please let us know.

  • ROYAl family kids

    Royal Family Kids is an organization that puts on a week of summer camps all around the country for abused and neglected kids in the foster care system. Here we put on a week of summer camp for foster kids in NH fully staffed and funded by people who have embraced what it means to Love The 603.

  • Food ministry

    Every Saturday the doors open and people in need find free bread, fruit, meats, desserts, canned goods and produce to help feed their families. 

  • Teen Challenge Manchester

    Teen Challenge reaches all people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. The ways that do this vary from having on site residence rehab to providing programs in schools on the dangers of drugs. Their goal is to help people and families find freedom and hope from addiction.

  • harmony home

    As homelessness becomes a rising issue in NH, the need to help the homeless also rises. Harmony Home is a refuge for people to come in out of the cold. They can have a meal, a shower, and wash their laundry as well as get help with life's issues.


    New Life is a home for transformations. It is a place for women to start over, to renew their lives. A voluntary, residential treatment facility like few others, the Home’s mission is to come alongside women with alcohol/drug dependencies, abusive relationships, and destructive lifestyles. The goal is to rebuild and restore broken lives in an atmosphere of hope and trust.

  • roca kidz

    Ever week dozens of volunteers flood multiple locations in inner city Manchester at ROCA Kidz Club. Roca Kidz provides a fun and safe environment for children to know the genuine love of God, and to inspire and enable people of all ages to impact the world around them using the resources and talents that they already have.

  • carenet pregnancy centER

    Founded in 1975, Care Net is a nonprofit organization that supports one of the largest networks of pregnancy centers in North America and runs the nation’s only real-time call center providing pregnancy decision coaching. From ultrasounds to counseling, Care Net helps women finding difficulty in pregnancy and their decisions.

  • 1269

    1269 strives to help the homeless and those struggling to make ends meet. All around downtown Manchester are thousands of people who are living on the edge. Families and individuals facing the most difficult circumstances any of us could imagine. There is great suffering taking place every day very close to us. 1269 offers them a place of warmth and love along with hot meals and hope.

  • cityreach manchester

    City Reach Manchester takes in people who are homeless or have problems with addiction. Their goal is to help show them love to bring change to their lives so that they can find freedom and hope.

  • chi alpha-unh

    Chi Alpha helps college students navigate the waters of being in college. Adapting to college life and finding the answers to life's questions is hard to do without guidance. Chi Alpha strives to be a place where students can find those answers and reach their fullest potential both as a student and a person.

  • Soup Kitchen

    Every weekend you can find volunteers at the soup kitchen helping people who need a warm meal to find just that. It is just one of the countless ways that time is invested to Love The 603.

  • Nursing Home ministry

    Our desire is to help people know that they are loved. On a regular basis, we go into the surrounding nursing homes to spend time with some of the greatest New Hampshire residents. Our goal is to show them love and that they are valued by us through talking, listening, playing games, and simply giving our time.